Co-Op and Condo

CDS typically works with condos and co-ops that have chosen not to engage an outside management company. We remove day to day management burdens associated with hiring, supervising, and training of a bookkeeping staff. Our clients know that all bookkeeping functions will be handled on a timely basis, regardless of vacations, illness, or resignations. Their accountants can be confident that they will receive accurate and complete records needed for monthly reports and tax filings on a timely basis.

Controller Services:

  • Improve financial statement usefulness
  • Review financial reports with client as needed
  • Assemble year end data for CPA

Typical Bookkeeping Tasks:

  • Monitor and record deposits
  • Pay bills as approved
  • Monthly statements for owner maintenance fees and other charge backs
  • Payroll details from payroll service
  • Monitor payroll tax deposits
  • Union reports and dues payment
  • Billing for common charges
  • Monthly bank reconciliations