Our Background

CDS Bookkeeping was founded in 1970. We are one of the largest bookkeeping firms in the New York metropolitan area, serving northern New Jersey, New York City, as well as Nassau, Westchester and Rockland counties.   Our partners have extensive experience in the accounting process across a broad range of industries. Our staff includes individuals that are knowledgable in all levels of bookkeeping including commonly used bookkeeping software. 

Client Benefits

Many organizations address their bookkeeping through administrative staff that doesn’t have formal bookkeeping training. While this is acceptable for routine day to day transactions, it means that more complex bookkeeping functions such as adjusting journal entries, accruals, costing, reconciliation of bank accounts, tax filings, and “tuning” the chart of accounts are either not done or may be done incorrectly.  Organizations in this position rarely have financial data when they need it and their CPAs end up performing excessive last minute cleanup.  The client then ends up paying the CPA to do bookkeeping work.  CDS’s bookkeeping services supplement internal staff and address all of these issues on a very cost effective basis. 


CPA Benefits

CDS views its role as one of rounding out the client’s internal capabilities so that their books and records are organized, complete, and accurate when the CPA arrives. The CPAs we work with view us as a non-competitive solution to a range of problems that enable them to improve their client’s overall accounting experience by:

  • Meeting tight deadlines because necessary data is available
  • Minimizing unbilled hours associated with training and rework
  • Reducing the likelihood of embarrassing incidents due to unmonitored internal controls
  • Eliminating conflicts resulting from the accountant auditing his own work
  • Relying on our industry expertise to minimize problems and penalties

Our professionalism, the quality of our work, and our ability to play a supporting role has led to repeat referrals from a wide range of public accounting firms – from big four firms  to firms with four partners. It is why over 90% of our business over the last forty years has resulted from CPA referrals.

Hire a Firm, Not a Bookkeeper:

Our services are superior to those of staffing agencies who simply “send someone over”.  In this case, the client still has to determine whether the bookkeeper meets his or her needs and then manage them.  Our partners are involved with every client so that they can be sure that the right people are assigned. This involvement also allows us to:

  • Assure quality by periodically checking our work
  • Provide management and technical support
  • Assign the right additional staff for tight deadlines and absence situations
  • Cost effectively take on special projects because we already know the client’s business