High Net Worth Individuals

CDS organizes records, pays bills, provides cash forecasts, and keeps track of necessary financial details for individuals that are too busy, travel extensively, may be infirm, or want to offload the drudgery associated with managing their finances.  We assign a bookkeeper for routine work, usually once or twice per month and have a partner available to assist with specific client issues or concerns.  In many cases, we are referred by a CPA who wants to make sure that proper records are available for tax purposes.


  • Monitor & record deposits
  • Monitor and pay bills
  • Monthly reconciliations of bank and investment accounts
  • Monthly review and reconciliation of credit card activity
  • Review income and expenses with client
  • Monitor insurance policies
  • Prepare medical filings
  • Payroll records for household employees
  • Assemble year end tax package for accountant

Special Services for Professionals:

Our bookkeeping services can be engaged to cover both a professional’s personal finances and his or her practice.  This provides full visibility that allows us to provide cash forecasts and schedule bill paying in a manner that best meets the needs of both the professional and the practice